Интерьер квартиры 92 кв метра с высокими потолками от ENTRANCE

The interior of the apartment is 92 square meters with high ceilings from ENTRANCE

We found this house in Gothenburg, it was built in 1884, the apartment we want to show you today boasts a lot of preserved original details from the time the house was built. The apartment...

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Break the framework: options for African style in the interior

Africa is a beautiful exotic place with a rich cultural heritage. Designers are inspired by African culture for a number of reasons. For some, it is a dream of a photographic landscape of a safari,...

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квартира в стиле минимализм

Minimalism in all its glory: an apartment in Minsk

Neutral, modern decor matches the minimalist aesthetics in this apartment of 73 sq. M in Minsk. The television is hidden from view behind two large cabinet doors that slide back to completely fill the television...

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