How to design an apartment in the loft style

Restrained and calm loft style is an ideal way to effectively design a studio apartment. Thanks to extraordinary solutions, minimalism and practicality, it is believed that this direction is chosen by bachelors, artists and musicians.

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Style features

There is something antique, urban and creative in this style. And no wonder, because it originated in American attics. That is how the word “loft” is translated from English. In the 40s of lack of money and war, people converted non-residential premises and abandoned attics into houses.

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Of course, the residents changed a lot in their new apartments, but some features were still preserved. They just became features of this direction:

  • lack of walls and partitions – the room is zoned with furniture;
  • large windows without curtains – the classic version allows only iron bars or blinds;
  • minimal amount of furniture and decor – the choice is in favor of practical things;
  • open communications – wires, pipes and ventilation;
  • rough wall decoration – masonry is especially appreciated.

new york loft interior

Now to create a design in the loft style they are created artificially.

Advice! If you are uncomfortable in a large room without walls, use light and translucent curtains to delimit space. Another option is a special arrangement of cabinets.

For the sake of economy, you can resort to some tricks. For example, instead of a real brick, you can choose a tile with its imitation.


Today there are 3 areas of loft style:

  • Industrial – this interior fully complies with all the listed features. There is no place for meaningless decor – this is almost a real factory premises. True, it is here that the most appropriate use of modern technology. For example, “smart home”.
  • Glamorous – this option combines bright colors and bare walls. Exactly in this room, chic exclusive furniture and rough decoration coexist. Glamorous loft is usually chosen by people from high society.
  • Bohemian is the choice of creative and freedom-loving people. Since usually artists, musicians and artists did not belong to the rich, their houses looked rather modest. The interior in the loft style combines decor of different directions, old shabby furniture and practicality.

Choose the option that is most convenient for you. If you wish, you can combine several directions and originalize your apartment.

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Decoration of ceilings and windows

Basically, the windows are large and wide, but not all over the wall. As an option – elongated openings or structures above human growth. In this case, the windows are plastic or wooden in a neutral color. White windows look the most appropriate.

loft interior

In industrial design in the loft style, curtains are not used. No curtains, tulles or curtains – everything is simple and practical.

industrial loft interior design

To protect yourself from the sun, you can install metal shutters. This window design makes the room very spacious and bright.

Usually there is no decor on the windows. If desired, you can put a couple of flower pots. For example, Sansevieria (or Mother-in-law’s Language) will harmoniously fit into such an interior.

Ceilings are usually simply whitewashed or painted. The use of suspended ceilings and stucco moldings is unacceptable. The best decoration is wooden beams. Wires and pipes also look appropriate. The room can be decorated with ordinary bulbs that hang from the ceiling.

loft apartment interior design


Usually this part does not require special expenses and does not cause problems. Traditionally, floors are left concrete. However, if there are difficulties with heating, it will not be very comfortable.

modern loft interior design

It is permissible to make a bulk floor or cover it with boards. Some use natural or artificial stone as finishes. At registration it is better to avoid a laminate and a parquet.

loft interior designs

new york loft style interior design

Important! An ideal option is a bulk floor, because it can imitate different types of coatings.

It is also recommended to install a warm floor. In such an open space, the bottom is unlikely to warm up well, which will create discomfort. In addition, such a trick will save on basic heating.

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The walls are also left almost untouched. Most often it is brickwork or concrete. Wallpaper or plastic is never used in this interior. Concrete walls can be whitewashed, painted and varnished. Lining with metal, plywood and wood is allowed.

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Instead of the usual wooden materials, designers recommend the use of stylized elements of boxes. They will create a special atmosphere and emphasize the interior industry. So you can decorate the walls in the hallway or other area. It is advisable to wall only a section of the wall.

loft interior design

What colors are used in the design

The color palette in the style is not limited. You can use any colors as accents or primary tones. Nevertheless, due to such decoration of walls, floors and ceilings, its own gamut is created. Usually it includes the following shades:

  • white;
  • the black;
  • Gray;
  • brown;
  • Dark red.

They are considered the colors of the loft style, and they belong to the materials that we used. It just dilutes the calm room

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