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20+ awesome girl room design ideas

As a girl grows up, her tastes and perceptions of the surrounding world change. The views of the perfect room are also changing. The day will come when the teenage daughter will skeptically frown at the forehead when looking at the pink-marshmallow range of her room with a huge number of children’s toys.

room for teenage girl
We'll have to change the interior and think through everything so that being in the house gives the child pleasure.

Design Features of the room for girls

room for teenage girl

In a modern apartment, a room for a teenage girl is always a nice and functional room, where it is pleasant to relax and comfortable to work. It doesn’t matter what color scheme of the interior decoration the daughter chooses, but the space must have several zones:

  • sleeping;
  • working;
  • place to relax;
  • wardrobe and dressing table with a small mirror.

With such zoning, the teenage girl’s room resembles an entire apartment, but it is often necessary to fit all the zones in a very limited area.

The design of the room for teenage girls can be different. Designers usually do not undertake to give parents specific recommendations for choosing the style and color scheme of the room, as these features are determined in accordance with the tastes of the hostess of the room. But still, certain preferences in the design of the girlish kingdom are observed.

room design for teen girls

Choosing an interior style

Shades of pink, which are so often used to decorate baby areas, are usually irrelevant in a room for a teenage girl. Some young ladies still remain fans of powdery marshmallows and tenderness, but most young ladies try to move away from the battered theme. Moreover, modern design offers so many amazing options for implementation.

teenage girl room

Room for a teenage girl in a modern style

One of the most popular options is the modern design of the room for teenage girls. Its main advantages:

room design for teen girls
  • the use of simple, functional and not bulky furniture;
  • light shades;
  • minimum decorative elements.

The interior is comfortable, concise, quite functional thanks to the competent organization of space. The room visually looks wider due to the predominance of light colors, and the absence of numerous accessories does not overload the atmosphere

Provence style teenage room

teenage girl room

Favorite style of graceful ladies with a soft character. It burst into modern interiors as far back as the last century from southern French villages whose houses were located next to fragrant lavender fields. The room of a teenage girl with such a design will surely appeal to creative, sophisticated natures.

A Provence style room is very easy to recognize by several characteristic features:

  1. A pastel color scheme with elements of lilac is a reference to lavender fields in the south of France.
  2. The use of furniture made from natural materials – often use white or beige color furniture, on which there is an aging effect.
  3. Natural textile with floral ornaments.

You can see how comfortable the children’s room for a teenage girl is in the photo. This style does not go out of fashion.

Minimalist room for teenage girl

children's room for a teenage girl photo
room for a teenager girl 15 years old

Minimalism is one of the most popular trends in creating an interior in the modern world. This design does not burden the space, and also helps to make it functional with minimal clutter of the area.

Sometimes minimalism becomes not a choice of the soul, but a necessity. Based on the theses of this design direction, it is possible to create a comfortable room for a teenager in a limited area.

If you wish, gradually the design of the room for a teenage girl can be supplemented with accessories, new furniture, but this will violate the basic rule of minimalism. Although, breaking the rules is so fun and interesting!

High tech teenage room

children's rooms for teenage girls

High-tech is a fairly new word in design, which is especially liked by young people.

Here is the answer to the question why a room for a teenager to a girl of 15 years in this style is considered a very relevant solution.

room design for teenage girl

Style gives a huge scope for imagination, which is interesting for young people. When decorating their room, they get the opportunity to realize sometimes even bold ideas, which in the end will look organic. High-tech rooms also have certain features:

  1. Restrained colors.
  2. Lack of abundance of textiles, especially soft and fluffy decors.
  3. The prevalence of modern materials.

Bright shades are not excluded during the design of a new high-tech space, but if they are used, there must be something that helps to balance them.

room design for girls 16 years old

Room for teenage girl in pop art style.

Pop art is a cheerful, vibrant interior in which it is simply impossible to mope. He is chosen by creative personalities who love comics, good music.

room design for teenage girl

Creating an interior in this style is pleasant and fun, but it is important to strike a balance between bright colors and pastel colors. Do not forget that children’s rooms for a teenage girl combine not only a zone for entertainment and work, but also a place of rest. In a space that is replete with bright colors, it is difficult to fully relax.

room for teenage girl bed

How to choose furniture?

The furniture in the room of the matured daughter is carefully selected. It is not at all difficult to choose the right furniture set for style, manufacturers compete among themselves in the number of diverse offers. The main thing you need to pay attention to is the ability to transform, because a table convenient for a 12-year-old lady will be low for a girl of 16 years old.

furniture in the room for a teenager

Designers insist that the room for a teenager girl at 15 years old or at 12 years old must have such furniture:

  • bed;
  • Desktop;
  • wardrobe for things;
  • bookshelves.

Ideally, if the room has a place for a small dressing table and a comfortable sofa for chatting with friends.

Room Design for Teenage Girls

Decor and accessories

Decorations in a girl’s room change as they grow older. Children’s dolls and cubes give way to posters with your favorite characters and musical groups.

Sometimes there are so many of them that it is difficult to discern the style of the room behind them.

No need to limit the attempt to express yourself through accessories. It is better to help find a balance between the aesthetics of the room and the desire to express their preferences or offer an original version of the design of paintings, photographs.

Room interior for two teenage girls

It is more difficult to think over the design of a room if the family has not one, but two teenagers. Two girls can be completely different in character and have radically opposite tastes. The situation is complicated by the presence of only one room with a small area, but thanks to the proposals of furniture manufacturers such problems can be solved.

Room design for teenage girls photo

Furniture sets have several berths, a well-thought-out workplace and even separate shelves for the wardrobe. These are not classic bunk beds, which everyone got tired of, but modern designs that are convenient and functional.

Room interior for two teenage girls

It is important that each girl has her own space, which she can decorate at her discretion.

Tips for arranging small rooms

Designing a room for a teenage girl is easier to think through if the room has a large area, but not everyone is so lucky. Properly organize zoning in a tiny space – that’s another challenge! An experienced designer or a person who buys two-level furniture complexes will cope with it.

Compact furniture helps even in a small area to get several necessary zones at once. A two-level complex can have a berth on the second tier, and on the first tier a convenient work desk and wardrobe.

Separate offers include roomy drawers-steps on the second floor, which easily fit everything you need.

Room Design for Teenage Girls – Photo

You can describe for a long time the most relevant room design for 16-year-old girls or tell the preferred style of space for a 12-year-old lady, but there is nothing better than visualization.

Design rooms for girls

A photo selection of ideas for creating a comfortable and beautiful room for a girl will help you choose your preferred style and be inspired by interesting design decisions.

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