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A unique idea for creating comfort: an interior design studio of 30 sq.m

Fantasy is the key to success in any business with small spaces.

Even tiny apartments, more like a pantry, become a full-fledged and functional space by the will of a creative approach and with the light hand of a true professional.

studio apartment design 30 sq m with one window

The main problems of each small apartment: lack of light, storage, obvious restrictions on the choice of furniture. The design of this apartment measuring 30 square meters used clear zoning: one large room turned into a kitchen, living room and bedroom! Even the work area is present, which in itself is amazing.

layout of a studio apartment 30 sq m photo
design of 1 room apartment 30 sq m

What seems incredible and magical turns into reality with practical furniture, niches and replacing individual walls with storage space. This is exactly what they did with the wall between the bathroom and the room: it became a large wardrobe, so that the apartment had enough space even for the entrance hall.

studio apartment design 30 sq m real photos

As a result: a beautiful urban apartment in a modern style with an abundance of bright accents and a sufficient amount of free space. There is much more space due to furniture that is not attached to the wall, as well as the fact that when zoning, nothing was separated from the source of natural light – a large window!

design of one-room apartments 30 sq m

What about the design solution presented here?

interior studio apartment 30 sq m photo
studio apartments 30 sq m
studio apartments 30 sq m

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